Building a Foam Core Powerboat

This site will report on the building of the 'Hawk41', a 41ft sea-going launch. It's specifications are: - Length: 12.50 m - Length waterline: 12.07 m - Beam: 3.27 m - Draft: 0.75 m - Displacement: 4.3 t - Engine Power: 184 kW.
The vessel will be constructed from a foam core sandwich using the 'controlled vacuum infusion' technique.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

A BIG infusion

Last Friday I was invited by Arjen Koorevaar of Polyworx to be the guest of Pantera Yachts in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. They use Polyworx' software and Koorevaar coaches their infusions. They build huge power yachts, ranging from 76 to 108 ft. The total process takes about 4,5 hours.
I watched the infusion of an 76 ft model. It is constructed from a balsa core, with Kevlar layup and epoxy. The infusion of this giant is done in only one shot, inside and outside at the same time.
Carl van Esch, CEO of Pantera, assured me that in this way the theoretical limit of structural perfection can be reached for 99,5%. Hand layup will always leave air bubbles, in this way all air is removed from the epoxy.
As the infusion is done in one single shot, van Esch doesn't fool around experimenting: "Before one wants to start such a project, you have to be pretty sure it will deliver a success. The Polyworx software gives me that reassurance."