Building a Foam Core Powerboat

This site will report on the building of the 'Hawk41', a 41ft sea-going launch. It's specifications are: - Length: 12.50 m - Length waterline: 12.07 m - Beam: 3.27 m - Draft: 0.75 m - Displacement: 4.3 t - Engine Power: 184 kW.
The vessel will be constructed from a foam core sandwich using the 'controlled vacuum infusion' technique.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Shopping List

Long time, no see!
I spent my time working on a component list. You can go there by following the link "My Shortlist" on the right. I did my best to list every component necessary to build the boat. I have to admit, it dazzles me too!

All this has to be acquired. So this list is also a shoppinglist. Therefore, specially for my Dutch visitors: If you can advise me where to get all this the cheapest, (hey, we're Dutch, after all!) let me know!

I don't pretend to be complete, neither do I expect to have made the right choices. Please make any comment you feel appropriate. (Hit the links "comments" beneath every section in the list.)

Next week I'll be visiting the METS again. Many updates will come from that, I expect.