Building a Foam Core Powerboat

This site will report on the building of the 'Hawk41', a 41ft sea-going launch. It's specifications are: - Length: 12.50 m - Length waterline: 12.07 m - Beam: 3.27 m - Draft: 0.75 m - Displacement: 4.3 t - Engine Power: 184 kW.
The vessel will be constructed from a foam core sandwich using the 'controlled vacuum infusion' technique.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Reusing vacuumfilm: An improvement

I Improved my table.
Vacuumfilm as well as tackytape is expensive. To uncover the readymade parts I had to rip the film and the tacky gets lost. A lot of good material for the dustbin!
So I tried the following: I pasted on the rim of my table draught-list. I bought a yard of film that is used to make ponds. I did cut 4 strips of it, some 2 inches wide and sealed them together with an iron-heater so that the rectangle fits exactly to the rim of the table. On this rectangle I "tackied" the vacuumfilm.
Now I have a covering compound film that can be clamped to the table, on top of the draught-list using alumium strips and tableclothclamps.
A test showed that my pump switches on only 8 to 10 seconds every 40 minutes. Excellent for my purposes. Now I can take off the film by loosening the clamps and reuse it the next time. No extra tacky needed.
By the way: I finished in this way all interior parts of the frontside of the boat.
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